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Vacancy – Mineral Products Standards Manager

Posted by: dlambert

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Posted 07.07.22

A Lynchpin Opportunity

This is a newly created and high-profile role, working across all aspects of the mineral products sector to
establish standards which form the foundation for training and assessment products. The
industry recognises the importance and benefit of having a clear and comprehensive
framework from which competence can be measured.

The role will establish a regime for the ongoing review and development of standards relied
upon by the sector. This will require engagement with key stakeholders and industry expert
working groups to make available the relevant standards for a wide range of occupations.

Liaising with regulators and other approval bodies to ensure compliance with required
processes whilst ensuring that the products meet the needs of the employer and reflect
current working practices.

The ideal candidate will be someone with a high level of understanding of the occupational
standards systems, combined with project management experience. They will have
knowledge of competence frameworks and how they link to recognised occupational maps.

In addition, they are likely to have experience of managing multiple projects to set deadlines
with high delivery success rate and the ability to establish good relationships when dealing
with colleagues, senior managers, and external stakeholders.

The Mineral Products Standards Manager will be employed by Mineral Products
Qualifications Council (MPQC) on behalf of the extractives and mineral processing industry.
MPQC is a non-profit organisation, comprising an awarding body (MP Awards) and separate
training division (MP Skills).

The Vision
To have a fresh, joined up strategy to establish industry wide approved and accepted
standards for the broad range of roles undertaken in mining, quarrying and all associated

To develop the industry Standard Setting Organisation (SSO) and implement a Competence
Framework for the sector showing clear paths to all roles which links to the approved training
and assessment provision available.

Principal Responsibilities
Liaise with the Minerals Education & Skills Board (MESB) Pillar Leads (Standards & Assurance,
Technical Education, Training and Development and Future Careers), helping to refine plans
and define tangible results that will be fed back to the MESB, via MPQC Council and Board.

Build positive relationships with industry stakeholders, SMEs, employers, government
representatives and educational establishments where appropriate.

Collaborate with the supporting businesses and target resources to key projects more effectively based on
strategic input and insight.

Act as the conduit that coordinates all the available resources for the industry to ensure the
broadest engagement, buy in and recognition for the service available.

Regular reporting to the MESB and wider industry on progress and areas of improvement.
This may include attendance at stakeholder meetings and events, providing feedback and any
further opportunities gleaned from positive outcomes.

Salary: £50,000 – £55,000 per annum depending on experience
Contract: Full time
Annual Leave: 28 days plus Bank Holidays
Pension Contribution: 10% of salary
Private Health Care: Optional

To Apply

Email: [email protected]

Please attach your CV and outline of your experience

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