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This Month’s Focus: Apprenticeships

Posted by: fwk_digital

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Posted 13.03.20

A modern way into the industry!

41% of the apprenticeships started in 2017/18 were by people over the age of 24, a further 30% were started by those aged between 19 and 24 – meaning that 71% of apprenticeships in 2017/18 were started by people aged 19 or over! (Andy Powell, Economic Policy and Statistics).

Many individuals are opting for apprenticeships in today’s climate rather than further or higher education. The opportunity to change jobs or get back into work appeals to those who are looking for a step up or for something beyond their current skill set.

One of the biggest reasons for taking on an apprentice is that it is a fairly cost-effective way of growing your organisation. Employees undertaking apprenticeships tend to be full of energy and are highly motivated to work hard, meaning investing in their training can reap rewards to an organisation in the long term.

However, Apprentices must be given a proper contract of employment, and must also be given time to study for their qualifications, some apprenticeships will require a day release to college, and this time has to be paid for as well.

Here at MP Skills, our learner-focused apprenticeship delivery has a holistic approach, helping you to develop your apprentices into accomplished and competent operators.

We offer 2 different apprenticeships known as Mineral processing mobile and static plant operator and Mineral processing weighbridge operator. On completion of the programme learners will receive one of the below qualifications:

  • MPQC Level 2 Diploma in Plant Operations for the Extractive and Mineral Processing Industries
  • MPQC Level 2 Diploma in Processing Operations for the Extractive and Mineral Processing Industries
  • MPQC Level 3 Diploma in Weighbridge Operations

With flexible start dates and a high-quality training programme that’s engaging, dynamic and enjoyable, employees will become more competent and skilled in a matter of time!

To find out how we can help you, give us a call on 0115 983 5755, or alternatively, email us at [email protected]

Find out more about our apprenticeships here:

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