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Connecting you to the Industry

Posted by: slane

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Posted 06.10.20

The Mineral Products Qualifications Council (MPQC) have been working with the industry, to bring new technology to the extractives industry which will revolutionise the way in which it operates, and is a huge step forward in making the sector a safer place of work.

“mp connect” is a state-of-the-art card system that will replace the variety of cards that drivers and contractors are required to carry with them and enable anyone employed within the extractives industry, to carry a fully functioning record of their working achievements in the form of wallet sized card. A true one card solution.

When the mp connect card is placed on a reader, it will display an individual’s record of training/ current certifications, and will also alert the site at which the reader is present, if the person carrying the mp connect card, has achieved the common industry and local requirements necessary to access the site safely.

In the event of the mp connect card holder not having the required level of certification, a warning is displayed via the mp connect card reader and a text message will be sent to the Site Manager advising them of the issue allowing it to be dealt with both efficiently and accordingly.

As well as the above functionality, the mp connect card will also support the verification of driver licence details and facilitate the monitoring of Driver / Contractor hours.

An added feature that the mp connect card will boast is that any Continuous Personal Development (CPD), training courses or e-learning undertaken, can be logged by the person holding the
mp connect card. This can be done by accessing an individual’s training records via the log in details provided when the card is issued.

mp connect has already been successfully trialed within the industry across a total of eleven sites, up and down the country. The sites that trialed the technology have embraced its capabilities and welcomed the ability to streamline and simplify daily site operations as well as ensuring maximum safety precautions are adhered to by both the card holder and site staff.

Stuart Birch, Weighbridge Operator for MQP, had the following to say about the mp connect trial:

Very impressed with the MP Connect system, very quick and easy to use and recall all information required, also very versatile with regards to information that can be added to it in the future

Darren Boulden, Weighbridge Operator for Aggregate Industries quoted:

Trialling mp connect has improved site efficiency, it can quickly check a driver meets industry/company standards in one swipe, previously this was a time-consuming exercise.
mp connect is an easy way to monitor driver site inductions as they move around the business. The system brings reassurance that strict measures have been taken, to make sure anyone delivering on Aggregate Industry’s behalf, meets the necessary health and safety standards”.

Andrew Malcolm, Logistics Supervisor for Day Aggregates said the following:

The software was very user friendly, slick and quick to use.

Whilst undertaking the trial, the site encountered two instances of driver requirements not being met. An SMS message and email were received, informing site management of the issue allowing it to be dealt with effectively.

The essence of mp connect and being able to see all the driver skills information on one card is great and it could save a lot of time being able to access this quickly and that is a luxury mp connect does provide. As soon as the card is scanned near the machine, driver details appeared straight away which was very impressive”.

The technology is due to be rolled out in phases across the industry, with the full roll out programme estimated to be completed within twelve to fifteen months.

For more information about MP Connect, please call 0115 860 0132 or email [email protected]

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Connecting you to the industry


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