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MP Connect gathers pace

Posted by: slane

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Posted 23.02.21

Covid-19 may have put the brakes on life as we know it, but it hasn’t affected the rate in which the mp connect card system, has been adopted by the extractives industry.

Launched in October 2020, the state-of-the-art MP Connect application, has been designed to replace the multitude of cards that drivers currently carry with them. A fully functioning record of working achievements are held on the database, and when presented on a reader at site, can be viewed by Logistics personnel.

The information on the card then allows the Logistics team to grant access, safe in the knowledge that the correct safety criteria applicable to the site, have been met by the person carrying the card.

Big names who have signed up to implement mp connect across their sites, include Cemex, Hanson, Aggregate Industries and Breedon.

There has also been significant interest shown by SME’s, who are keen to get on board with the technology and keep pace, before the completion of the rollout, in December 2021.

As well as having access to their individual training records, mp connect card holders will also be able to utilise the associated “Learner Management System” (LMS), to undertake training and CPD, relevant to their role, at a time and place, convenient to them.

The system will also provide card holders with timely updates and safety “nudges” when certification is due to expire or, when there has been a notifiable industry incident.

Companies and individuals can purchase an mp connect card on an annual subscription basis, costing £30 a year. Cards can be purchased online by visiting or by calling 0115 860 0132.

MP connect has the full backing and support of the Mineral Products Association who are actively promoting the scheme to all of its members.

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MP Connect gathers pace

Covid-19 may have put the brakes on life as we know it, but it hasn’t affected the rate in which…

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