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Course of the Month: Effective Communication Skills

Posted by: fwk_digital

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Posted 08.03.20

What are toolbox talks?

Did you know that Toolbox talks were originally created in the 1970s by heavy industries? They were designed in order to discuss and improve poor accident records. They consist of short impact training sessions, generally lasting no longer than 15 minutes.

The short discussions with workers often take place on-site or on the job, and are a great opportunity for a manager or supervisor to emphasise the importance of a particular issue. By holding these short talks, it allows managers and supervisors to discuss general, and task-orientated topics, along with common issues or incidents that could potentially endanger or harm individuals on-site.

Not only do toolbox talks help develop group skills, but they can help minimise the time that employees have off work. The talks are generally flexible as they can be delivered in most places, leaving employees in their natural working habitat and are also a great opportunity to collate feedback from your workforce.

Are you looking for the confidence to express your ideas and opinions effectively? Do you need more confidence in handling difficult people, and dealing with conflict and tricky situations?

Allow us to step in! With the help of MP Skills, our course is designed to make you feel more competent and confident when delivering a toolbox talk! Covering an array of topics, this course varies from learning new delivery techniques and presentation skills to giving and receiving feedback.

The course is recommended for individuals in any organisation who feel they would like to develop and hone their communication skills. It is also suitable for all levels from administration roles to operators and supervisors, through to managers and even directors!

Packed with knowledge, interaction, group exercises and blended learning techniques, our courses aim to tackle safety training in a new and innovative style, finished with a multiple-choice assessment. Successful completion of the course leads to an MP Skills Certificate of Achievement.

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To find out more about this or any of our courses, simply give MP Skills a call on 0115 983 57 55.

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