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Course of the Month: Mineral Sector Safety Passport

Posted by: fwk_digital

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Posted 01.03.20

Did you know that according to HSE, a staggering 144 workers were killed at work from 2017-2018.

Shocking, right?

Here at MP Skills, we provide the training to increase your knowledge for a better understanding of your responsibilities in regards to health and safety in a working environment.

The Minerals Sector Safety Passport is aimed primarily at contractors working within extractive and mineral processing, as well as the related manufacturing environment.

This course is designed for individuals who work on sites such as quarrying, sand and gravel operations, concrete, mortar, cement and asphalt plants, wharves or surface mining. This type of informative training enables employees to be more aware of dangers and risks whilst on site.

Our interactive course also covers a range of vital areas for working on site such as personal responsibilities for safety at work, how accidents are caused and how they can be prevented, and how to identify and correct unsafe behaviours.

MPQC/SPA’s Mineral Safety Passport shows that you know the essential skills and knowledge that every employee should know for the sake of their own and others’ safety on site.

This course consists of short lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, and case studies to ensure that all delegates feel included and involved throughout the training.

The outcome to successfully passing the course leads to the issue of an MPQC/SPA Minerals Sector Safety Passport, which is valid for 3 years.

We offer two courses, the Minerals Sector Safety Passport (2-day full course) and the Minerals Sector Safety Passport (1-day refresher)

To find out more about this or any of our courses simply give MP Skills a call on 0115 983 6580 or click here.

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