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Course of the Month: Effective Management of Contractors

Posted by: fwk_digital

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Posted 03.03.20

A contractor is known as an organisation or person employed to carry out work on behalf of the client. This means that they are not a direct employee of the client. Numerous contractors available for contracts or hire within the quarrying industry.

From operators of machinery, hauliers & drivers, to general labour, and specialist workers.

Contractors can offer specialist skills or equipment, or be a source of additional resource for a business. The use of contractors could also be a part of a businesses’ management strategy for risk-reduction.

However, these are just some of the basic facts about contractors!

Here at MP Skills, we deliver an in-depth, interactive 1-day course, packed with all the information and knowledge that you will ever need to know in regards to contractors.

The course is tailored for any individual who is responsible or involved in the management of contractors, and also individuals who require an understanding of working or overseeing contractors.

The aim is to successfully provide individuals with:

  • An overview of contractors within the sector.
  • A basic awareness of Legislation.
  • An awareness of CDM Regulations.
  • The knowledge and skills to manage the employment of contractors in the extractive and mineral processing industries.
  • The knowledge and skills to create an effective, efficient and safe working relationship.

An MPQC Certificate will be awarded to those who successfully complete the course and attain the required marks in the assessment sat at the end of the course.

To find out more about this or any of our courses, simply give MP Skills a call on 0115 983 6580.

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